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AuthorCasey Brown

DateJuly 30, 2018



We are in the business of educating our clients on the importance of retirement planning. But research has shown that a one-size-fits-all approach to communication isn’t the most effective tactic.

In Invesco’s paper, Lisa Kueng provides advice, and solid principles, for working with female clients to meet their financial goals.

Lisa reminds us that Australian women, in trends echoed around the world, retire earlier than men, with much less superannuation than men, and an under-estimation of how much they’ll need.

Lisa recommends and explores the following three key principles, based on Invesco Consulting findings & academic research;

  • Provide experience before explanation
  • Align life goals with financial goals
  • Be positive

Read Lisa Kueng’s article to learn how best to communicate financial advice to women.

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