We are very happy to advise that Netwealth has added Lonsec’s Sustainable Managed Accounts to their menus.  The Lonsec Sustainable Managed Accounts complement our existing range of managed accounts available on Netwealth –  Lonsec Listed Managed Accounts, Lonsec Retirement Managed Accounts and Lonsec Multi Asset Managed Accounts.

We are a proven partner in Portfolio Construction with over 20 years of experience and expertise that has seen Advisers and their clients through multiple market cycles and conditions.

The Lonsec Sustainable Managed Accounts have a unique philosophy that looks through both lenses of ESG, which focus on the underlying managers’ take around Ethical, Sustainable & Governance metrics, along with Sustainability measures, which focus on how to demonstrate the goodness of the included funds. We also take into account the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals when choosing funds for inclusion in the managed accounts. Coupled with our proven investment philosophy of both SAA & DAA considerations and proven downside market risk mitigation, this makes a compelling offer in a market where investors are becoming more and more ethically focused.

The Lonsec Sustainable Managed Accounts are the only actively managed, risk diversified and multisector portfolio with a highly qualitative focus on sustainability measures of its class.

A spokesperson for Lonsec said ‘Over the past five years we have seen increased investor appetite for sustainable and ethical investments that also provide a solid return.  Our suite of managed accounts has doubled their FUM over the past 12 months and we are happy to partner with Netwealth to bring this unique product to more Advisers and investors.’

The Lonsec Sustainable Managed Accounts joins our suite of managed accounts available on Netwealth including:

Lonsec Listed Managed Accounts – Portfolios built on the 20-year proven Lonsec investment philosophy, incorporating an active approach while using passive style assets to achieve a lower overall cost for investors
Lonsec Retirement Managed Accounts – Diversified, actively managed portfolios for income seekers with a proven yield objective of +4%
Lonsec Multi Asset Managed Accounts – Portfolios built across multiple asset types allowing best of idea execution while also delivering the most diverse and risk-controlled outcomes for investors

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