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Lonsec Investment Solutions – February 2021 Reporting Season Insights

In this video, Dan Moradi, Portfolio Manager for Listed Products, provides an update on the Australian equity market following a very interesting reporting season and takes an in-depth look at how various sectors and companies performed. The February reporting season results were better than initially expected, particularly if we look at the middle of last […]

Insights from our CIO – Winners and losers

It has been an interesting month in markets. The S&P 500 Index reached 12 month highs with markets brushing off March’s COVID-19 panic. There have been many discussions about how narrow the rally has been in that a handful of stocks have driven the sharp rebound. In fact, just over 35% of stocks in the […]

Market Narratives podcast: Core tenets, asset quality and the X factor

In this episode of Market Narratives, Lonsec’s Chief Investment Officer, Lukasz de Pourbaix, tackles a range of controversial topics and their implications for portfolio construction. Is this the new normal or merely the continuation of what have now become conventional policy responses? Is there wisdom in crowds, or is there persistent overvaluation in popular stocks […]

Insights from our May Investment Committee meeting

During our previous Asset Allocation Committee meeting we expressed a desire to further diversify our exposure to credit securities within our portfolios. This view was driven by the significant pull back in credit markets in March, which Lonsec believes provided an opportunity to enter certain parts of the credit market, such as syndicated loans, which […]


Lonsec Market and Portfolio Update

Lonsec’s experts look at four key themes we believe every financial adviser needs to understand to help their clients weather the storm and be in the best position possible to take advantage of future market conditions. Bonds Lukasz de Pourbaix, Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer Providing insight into current market dynamics and performance-driven by […]

Investment Committee update

When the COVID-19 crisis hit financial markets, we decided to hold more frequent Investment Committee meetings and provide you with regular updates on our thoughts and discussions from a portfolio perspective. The following is a summary of the discussion and actions taken at our most recent meeting held on 7 April. As you know, Lonsec’s […]

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