Research House Lonsec has announced significant changes to its working policies, in response to the insights gained during the COVID shutdown and feedback from its staff.

The necessity of working from home during the pandemic showed that staff were able to successfully carry out their regular daily tasks from remote locations. It has helped redefine what time in the office actually looks like and what purpose it serves.

Whilst Lonsec still believes that genuine one-to-one interaction with colleagues is extremely valuable in building culture, relationships and sharing knowledge and ideas, this does not need to be every day. As a result, the company is permanently moving to a hybrid model, of at least two days in the office each week, and working from home the other days. For some roles, that do not require regular attendance in the office, employees are able to request a move to ‘remote’ locations and this has resulted in some staff now being located in Queensland.

This ability to work from ‘anywhere’ for short periods, has been extended to all staff, with them now having the option to work from anywhere in the world, for up to 4 weeks per year. This has been particularly welcomed by the many Lonsec team members not originally from Australia, or with family overseas. In further recognition of Lonsec’s cultural diversity, allowance has been made for those team members who may celebrate religious festivals other than those typically recognised with an Australian public holiday, by allowing them to work current public holidays and take off dates of their choosing.

Chief Executive Officer, Michael Wright said “considerable thought and time was put into developing our Lonsec@Work program. We believe strongly in supporting our employees’ broader wellbeing and believe that these significant, and industry leading benefits will enable us to attract and retain the best employees, and to genuinely allow staff to choose and enjoy the work life balance that works best for them”.

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