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The answer to the fund manager challenge

Introducing Lonsec Connect

Lonsec Connect is a new analytics platform that revolutionises how fund managers view the market. In a world of tighter margins, greater access to direct listed markets, and more players competing for high-value mandates, Lonsec Connect helps you take control of your distribution channels and drive your fund’s growth.


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Find the hidden opportunities

Fund managers face a new normal of shrinking fee pools, intense competition from low-cost investment product providers, and a fragmented view of the distribution market.

Lonsec Connect helps you take control of your investment product from design to distribution, free up scarce sales resources, and tap into the latest financial adviser and institutional market insights to help you maximise your fund’s impact.

With Lonsec Connect’s Pitchbook tool, you can pull the data you need to create a compelling presentation that builds the case for your investment product.

Benefits include:

Be more agile

Save time gathering data, take advantage of opportunities, and accelerate the path to market

Gain an information advantage

Open the distribution blackbox and get lead indicators based on real-time behavioural analytics

Act with confidence

Turn the dial from ROI to forecasting and give your investment product the best chance of achieving lasting, sustainable success

Work smarter

Perform investment product due diligence and create a pitch book in minutes, not hours

Your source of truth

Lonsec Connect brings together a wealth of retail and institutional data, giving you real-time insights at your fingertips.

Lonsec Connect:

  • Combines traditional market data with financial adviser engagement analytics and market segmentation
  • Provides over 50 key data features presented in an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Gives you an integrated view of financial adviser, institutional, and listed markets
  • Allows you to leverage a single data system across your retail and institutional teams
  • To find out more watch our showcase video

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