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Lonsec plays a fundamental role in building the investment capabilities of financial advisers, fund managers, superannuation funds and individuals. Our business encompasses managed investments, listed securities and superannuation research, awards and ratings, portfolio consulting, managed accounts and data and analytics. The Lonsec group is positioned at the nexus of Australia’s financial advice and investment industry, enabling us to provide practical, actionable insights that add real value to our investment and advice solutions.

Latest news & insights

The second age of globalisation is beginning to buckle

Originally published in The Australian, 7 May 2022 This article presents the views of Alan Dupont and do not necessarily reflect those of Lonsec. The ripple effects of the Russo-Ukrainian war are spreading and intensifying. Deglobalisation…
/ by Alan Dupont
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Lonsec Listed Managed Portfolios Update

Quarterly Update - Q1 2022 Global equities were the Listed portfolios’ main detractor from returns over the quarter. Although the BetaShares NASDAQ 100 and VanEck MSCI International Quality ETFs bounced back in March, both finished the…
/ by Lonsec
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Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios Update

Quarterly Update - Q1 2022 The first quarter of the year was a particularly challenging period for the Sustainable portfolios as the Russian invasion of Ukraine pushed oil and gas prices higher. The energy sector outperformed the less carbon-intensive…
/ by Lonsec
Lonsec Fund Managers Corporate Update
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Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios Update

Quarterly Update - Q1 2022 From a portfolio perspective, geopolitical risks, such as the current Russia/Ukraine conflict, are typically hard to position for. What we tend to see is that the market tends to respond sharply and then recover…
/ by Lonsec
Lonsec and Franklin Templeton Retire Partner Event Sep 10
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Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios Update

Quarterly Update - Q1 2022 It’s been a volatile quarter for equity and bond markets, with existing inflationary fears further exacerbated by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. While Russia is small in terms of its impact on capital markets,…
/ by Lonsec

SuperRatings Submission - APRA's SDT Consultation

We support the steps APRA is taking to improve data collection, reporting and transparency around superannuation products across the industry. However, we note that data collection is onerous for the industry and therefore do not propose any…
/ by Kirby Rappell
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April 2022 - CIO Market Update and Portfolio Implications

In this video, Lukasz de Pourbaix, Executive Director and CIO of Lonsec Investment Solutions provides an update on our macroeconomic views following Lonsec’s quarterly Asset Allocation Investment Committee meeting. A key topic of discussion…
/ by Lukasz de Pourbaix
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Managers in Focus - Fixed Income

Lonsec Research chatted with leading Fixed Income Managers to learn more about the sector, how they are approaching the changing investment landscape and what drew them to this sometimes overlooked, but very important, sector. In this video,…
/ by Lonsec

Media Release: Latest data from Lonsec suggests the value rotation well underway

After a decade of low inflation, anaemic wages growth and falling bond yields, the perceived wisdom of markets had been that value stocks will continue to underperform compared to growth stocks.  However, the latest data from research house…
/ by Nicci Chaplin

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Lonsec Symposium 2022 - A WHOLE NEW WORLD

RECORDING IS NOW AVAILABLE Crypto, geo-political instability, post-pandemic recovery, advice evolution and more. With inflation rising to the highest levels in 30 years in Europe and the US, markets pricing in interest rate rises, and crypto…
/ by Lonsec
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Lonsec Sustainability Webinar - Green Bonds or Green Washing

RECORDING IS NOW AVAILABLE The dramatic growth of green bond market in 2021 has been matched by the growth of green bond funds. But how do we know the bonds are indeed green or just being greenwashed? In the next Lonsec Sustainability webinar,…
/ by Lonsec
Lonsec Fund Managers Corporate Update
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Lonsec Retire: Achieving income targets with a diversified portfolio

RECORDING IS NOW AVAILABLE With historically low interest rates, have retirement portfolios become over reliant on equities to generate income? Join us for our third webinar in the series on generating income for retirement portfolios…
/ by Lonsec
Lonsec Crypto Asset Webinar
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Crypto Asset: where to for advice?

RECORDING AVAILABLE Lonsec Webinar Series - Crypto Assets Where to for product, portfolio and advice? In a recent survey conducted by Monochrome Asset Management, 77% of Financial Advisers said that they had received queries about crypto…
/ by Lonsec


RECORDING AVAILABLE Lonsec Sustainability Webinar - Unpacking the 'S' in ESG As ESG investing becomes more mainstream, Advisers and their clients have built a good understanding of Environmental and Governance risks but the ‘S’ –…
/ by Lonsec
SuperRatings and Lonsec Fund of the Year Awards 2021
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Lonsec and SuperRatings Fund of the Year Awards 2021

VIEW RECORDING Event details Date: Thursday 28 October, 3:00 PM The event will be held virtually, but the awards continue to be very real. As the pandemic environment has posed ongoing challenges across investment markets and operating…
/ by Lonsec
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Lonsec Retire Webinar: Why income from equities is increasingly important for retirement

VIEW RECORDING With interest rates at historic lows and likely to remain so, many investors rely on equities for generating income from their portfolios. From our discussions with advisers, we have found that many are grappling with the best…
/ by Lonsec
Lonsec Sustainability
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Lonsec Sustainability Webinar “Exclusion or Engagement – A symbiotic relationship?”

VIEW RECORDING Overview As ESG investing becomes more mainstream, we are seeing an increase in the discussion about the most effective way of driving lasting change – is it through the restriction of capital via divestment or is it through…
/ by Lonsec
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Lonsec Retirement Webinar - With Rates So Low, Why Do I Need Fixed Income

RECORDING AVAILABLE With interest rates close to 0%, many investors are questioning the need for Fixed Income in their portfolios. At Lonsec, we believe that Fixed Income still has an important role to play in portfolio construction, especially…
/ by Lonsec

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