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Our aim is to help financial advisers and their clients take a sustainable approach to investing by sharing insights and research powered by Lonsec and a range of industry leaders.




Content and insights from key industry participants, to help navigate increasingly complex sustainability conversations.




Our expert research and insights created to assist financial advisers with the sustainable approach to investing.

The Lonsec Sustainability Program

Investors are increasingly seeking to place their money in investments that align with their personal values. For many, this means moving beyond the consideration of ESG factors to actively investing in sustainable practices and avoiding harmful industries.

How can we measure, select and combine sustainable investment products to achieve the outcomes that we’re really looking for?

Our Sustainability Program draws content and insights from key industry participants to help you navigate these increasingly complex topics.

Sustainability Insights


3 things you must do before recommending a sustainable fund

It sounds simple enough: invest in things that are good for the planet and society. Investing sustainably should be that simple, but in practice things are a lot less straightforward. Confusion quickly sets in when we try to navigate the…
/ by Gordon Toy

ESG confusion harms investors and the planet

A lack of clarity around environmental, social and governance (ESG) approaches to investing is creating confusion and making it harder for end investors to choose an investment product that fits their objectives and values. Investors relying…
/ by Gordon Toy

Understand the difference between ESG and sustainable investing

There are certainly a lot of traditional fund managers who have very good ESG processes and a solid understanding of the risks. However, if they feel the market is compensating investors sufficiently for these risks, they’ll take them. This…
/ by Tony Adams

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