Managed Accounts Portal – access detailed information on Lonsec’s Managed Portfolios

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The last eight years has seen adviser use of managed accounts double* and it is easy to see why – advisers using managed accounts have 18% more clients than those who don’t, they save on average 13 hours per week by outsourcing to a professional portfolio manager and have more frequent and longer engagement with their clients.
We have developed the Managed Accounts Portal, available in our research platform iRate® to provide a central hub to access all the information you need on our range of Managed Accounts.

Wherever you and your clients are on your managed accounts journey – if you are still exploring if using managed accounts are right for you and your clients or having fully embraced managed accounts in your practice – the Managed Accounts Portal provides content to support you in your client conversations.

*Source: SSGA, Investment Trends, Colonial First State

The Managed Accounts Portal gives you:

  • Transition support material, including SOA inserts, and frequently asked questions for clients new to investing in managed accounts
  • Detailed portfolio and platform information to help you select the best option for your business and your clients;
  • For those already using our managed accounts, each portfolio and risk profile has a dedicated page with detailed insights on asset allocation, holdings, and performance and a library of performance reports, change reports and quarterly market updates
  • A central location to download multiple reports in one go

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Our suite of managed accounts

Lonsec Listed Managed Portfolios

The portfolios provide investors with capital growth and income over the medium term, through exposure across a range of asset classes by investing in listed securities.

Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios

The Sustainable Managed Portfolios provide investors with capital growth and income through exposure to strategies that demonstrate strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and where possible, can make a positive impact on the world by contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios

The portfolios aim to achieve attractive and sustainable income returns through a diversified portfolio of managed investments. They are designed to mitigate risk, such as capital drawdown risk, which can materially impact the longevity of a retirement portfolio, particularly in the early stages of transitioning from superannuation to pension phase.

Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios

The portfolios provide investors with capital growth and income over the medium to long term through exposure across a range of asset classes and investment vehicles. The portfolios are designed to reduce overall portfolio risk by spreading investments across a number of specialist managers with complementary investment styles.

Lonsec Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

Our SMAs provide a choice of single sector solutions investing in listed Australian equities, offering a number of different exposures to suit your clients’ investment needs.

The Lonsec managed account difference

Professional expertise

Expertise and services provided by investment professionals who manage and monitor the portfolios. Sophisticated SAA and DAA processes.

Research driven managed accounts

Our managed accounts harness our established investment research, with coverage across listed and unlisted investment products.

Well-resourced and experienced

Experienced in investment research and supported by one of Australia’s largest investment research and investment consultant teams.

Rigorous governance process

With a strong risk focus, we have a well-established governance process supported by our formal Asset Allocation and Fund Manager Selection committees.

Tailored and flexible solutions

Leveraging our experience in portfolio construction, we can help you develop bespoke managed account solutions, tailored to you and your client’s needs.

Best ideas portfolio construction

Access our extensive portfolio construction expertise via our dynamic portfolio construction approach to asset allocation and fund manager selection.

Important information: Any express or implied rating or advice is limited to general advice, it doesn’t consider any personal needs, goals or objectives.  Before making any decision about financial products, consider whether it is personally appropriate for you in light of your personal circumstances. Obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for each financial product and seek professional personal advice before making any decisions regarding a financial product.