Managed accounts

Our diversified managed accounts reflect our best investment ideas, incorporating dynamic asset allocation combined with an active approach to investment selection. The portfolios leverage Lonsec’s extensive research capabilities investing in funds and listed structures that are rated Recommended and higher.

Ready-made portfolios to suit a range of investment objectives

Lonsec offers a range of multi-sector portfolios that provide different exposures to suit different investment objectives and time horizons, covering a choice of underlying investment vehicles to cater for different client goals.

Find out more about our Dynamic Asset Allocation process

Dynamic asset allocation enhances a portfolio’s probability of success by introducing a more flexible framework to increase exposure to assets based on a variety of factors.

Our suite of managed portfolios

Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios

The Sustainable Managed Portfolios provide investors with capital growth and income through exposure to strategies that demonstrate strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and where possible, can make a positive impact on the world by contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

Lonsec Listed Managed Portfolios

The portfolios provide investors with capital growth and income over the medium term, through exposure across a range of asset classes by investing in listed securities.

Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios

The portfolios aim to achieve attractive and sustainable income returns through a diversified portfolio of managed investments. They are designed to mitigate risk, such as capital drawdown risk, which can materially impact the longevity of a retirement portfolio, particularly in the early stages of transitioning from superannuation to pension phase.

Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios

The portfolios provide investors with capital growth and income over the medium to long term through exposure across a range of asset classes and investment vehicles. The portfolios are designed to reduce overall portfolio risk by spreading investments across a number of specialist managers with complementary investment styles.

Lonsec Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

Our SMAs provide a choice of single sector solutions investing in listed Australian equities, offering a number of different exposures to suit your clients’ investment needs.

The Lonsec managed account difference

Professional expertise

Expertise and services provided by investment professionals who manage and monitor the portfolios. Sophisticated SAA and DAA processes.

Research driven managed accounts

Our managed accounts harness our established investment research, with coverage across listed and unlisted investment products.

Well-resourced and experienced

Experienced in investment research and supported by one of Australia’s largest investment research and investment consultant teams.

Rigorous governance process

With a strong risk focus, we have a well-established governance process supported by our formal Asset Allocation and Fund Manager Selection committees.

Tailored and flexible solutions

Leveraging our experience in portfolio construction, we can help you develop bespoke managed account solutions, tailored to you and your client’s needs.

Best ideas portfolio construction

Access our extensive portfolio construction expertise via our dynamic portfolio construction approach to asset allocation and fund manager selection.

Meet your clients’ objectives with our Retirement Lifestyle Portfolios

Match to your clients’ objectives

Build portfolios tailored to the client’s objectives, risk profile and investment horizon.

Have deeper conversations with your clients

Generate white-label, customisable portfolio reports showing key performance metrics.

Show the value of your financial advice

Clearly demonstrate how your investment decisions benefit your client’s retirement position.

Platform availability

Our managed accounts are accessible via a growing list of investment platforms.

Tailored managed accounts

You can leverage our experience in portfolio construction and managed account structures to develop your own managed account solutions. Under this service Lonsec Investment Solutions acts as your outsourced model manager responsible for managing your portfolio tailored to your requirements.

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