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Retirement Landscape Insights – June 2022

With the passing of the government’s Retirement Income Covenant legislation, funds now have a clear framework and timeline to guide their path forwards. As we expect the number of retirement income products in the market to grow, it is crucial for funds to ensure they are appropriately resourcing education, advice and digital capabilities to support […]


Corporate Super Landscape

With stapling reducing the flow of members defaulted into employer plans, funds need to focus on their acquisition strategies in this new environment and the channels through which to obtain members including corporates, direct acquisition and external advisers.    Fees and investments continue to be key hygiene factors when selecting a default fund, we are […]


SuperRatings Stapling Impacts – November 2021

With the stapling changes taking effect from November 1 this year, the complete picture will take some time to emerge. We believe it is well intended to stop the proliferation of accounts, though we will see changes in terms of the profile of member accounts among funds going forwards. Funds should consider how to engage […]


Retirement Industry Insights

There has been little evolution in this area over the last 5 years; however, with the greater focus on the retirement phase by the government we believe it is time providers turned their minds to optimising outcomes for retirees and tailoring investment objectives appropriately. Camille Schmidt: Market Insights Manager – SuperRatings

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