Lonsec is pleased to announce the launch of its Retire program for 2019

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Investment intelligence for retirement

The Lonsec Retire program brings together thought leadership content from a selection of industry leading product and service providers. It offers financial advisers strategies and ideas to help provide better retirement portfolio solutions for their clients.

News & Insights

5 Jul 2019 - With the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cutting the official cash rate to just 1.00% on 2 July, retirees and ...

Record low interest rates – implications for retirees

25 Jun 2019 - Balancing the Needs, Challenges and Dilemmas of Retirement Investing Retirement investing is necessarily ...

Income, Growth and Certainty

30 May 2019 - For many, approaching retirement is often characterised by heightened emotion and anxiety associated with ...

Building a goals-based investment portfolio

15 May 2019 - As it continues to grapple with the challenges facing retirees, the Australian retirement industry in some ways ...

Five Years On: Lessons of Low-Volatility Investing for Retirement

10 May 2019 - To access the insights, please click here.

Market Volatility: How Is It Measured and Is It Relevant to Investors

10 May 2019 - An in-depth analysis of the new social security means test assessment of lifetime income streams and the ...

Legislated means test changes and advice opportunities

10 May 2019 - Imagine a baby is born in Europe at the very moment you finish this article. That child can expect to live for ...

The Future of Retirement Won’t Be a Cliff-edge Goodbye to Work

10 May 2019 - What are the real underlying structural forces bewildering the RBA? Is cash the king once again? Find out more ...

Australian Quarterly Update

9 May 2019 - AB’s latest insights update shows that markets have snapped back from a tough 4Q18. Click here to view the ...

Volatility Insights

1 May 2019 - An equity-based investment fund that aims to deliver dependable income is likely to deviate significantly from ...

Redefining risk for income investors

11 Mar 2019 - “How much can I spend?” This question lies at the heart of so many conversations between a retiree and their ...

Craving Certainty – The Retirement Mirage

20 Nov 2018 - Is it time for retirees to batten down the hatches? And mitigate losses happening at the worst possible time. ...

Batten down the hatches

27 Sep 2018 - How Actively Managed Fixed Income Can Meet the Needs of Retirees We have been in a period where financial market ...

Rethinking Fixed Income in Retirement

7 Sep 2018 - Many sharemarkets around the world have been pushed to records highs over the past 5 years, helped by a range of ...

How closely will the next 5 years resemble the last 5 years?

10 Aug 2018 - I have learnt over my many years of investing that there are three reasons why dividends are key for investors: ...

20 lessons from 20 years: #4 Dividends are key

1 Aug 2018 - When it comes to investment objectives, many retirees―quite understandably―want to have their cake and eat it: ...

Natural or artificial? The choice for retirees on reducing portfolio volatility

14 Jun 2018 - In the world of haute couture, a famous designer once quipped – “In a world full of trends, I want to remain ...

Market dynamics: The case for value remains

11 Mar 2018 - In recognition of the growing challenges facing retirees, Lonsec has published a paper on the role annuities can ...

The Role of Annuities in Retirement Portfolios

27 Feb 2018 - We are in the business of educating our clients on the importance of retirement planning. But research has shown ...

Managing risks: Women and retirement

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