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Lonsec Listed Managed Portfolios Update

Quarterly Update – Q1 2022 Global equities were the Listed portfolios’ main detractor from returns over the quarter. Although the BetaShares NASDAQ 100 and VanEck MSCI International Quality ETFs bounced back in March, both finished the quarter 10% lower, while the defensive sector exposures in Healthcare and Consumer Staples outperformed the broader market benchmark year-to-date. […]


Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios Update

Quarterly Update – Q1 2022 From a portfolio perspective, geopolitical risks, such as the current Russia/Ukraine conflict, are typically hard to position for. What we tend to see is that the market tends to respond sharply and then recover quite quickly thereafter. And that appears to be the case this time around.  The Australian equity […]

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Managers in Focus – Fixed Income

Lonsec Research chatted with leading Fixed Income Managers to learn more about the sector, how they are approaching the changing investment landscape and what drew them to this sometimes overlooked, but very important, sector. In this video, Isrin Khor, Lonsec Sector Manager of Fixed Income is joined by Anthony Kirkham, Head of Melbourne Operations and […]


Redesigning your practice with Managed Accounts

Lonsec works closely with advisers to build solutions that enhance a practices ability to serve clients, while building greater operational efficiencies. As innovators in managed accounts, we’ve always believed in their power to transform an advice business. Research indicates that practices using managed accounts see a noticeable uplift in revenue, and profitability per adviser, by […]

Market Update – December 2020

Watch the video. Markets seem to have taken a sigh of relief post the US election result with risk assets seemingly returning to their upward trajectory. Lukasz de Pourbaix ED, CIO Lonsec Investment Solutions will discuss the latest insights for our recently held asset allocation investment committee. Specifically, Lukasz will discuss the rotation into value […]

The Future of Cryptocurrency

Watch the webinar recording. Synopsis: As the popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum grows, investors are becoming more curious about how these new digital assets work, what drives their value, and why blockchain and similar technologies are so powerful. In this webinar, Lonsec is partnering with Kraken, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, […]

Lonsec Retire Partner Event – “Forget Normal: Solving the Income Challenge after COVID”

Watch the webinar recording. Synopsis We’re told our COVID-normal world is just around the corner. But make no mistake, we will be living with the effects of unprecedented fiscal and monetary policy for years and likely decades to come. Investors must be prepared to think differently about how they generate income, manage risk, and deal with volatility in their portfolio. Nothing can be taken […]

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Introducing Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios

Many of you will be aware that your clients are increasingly seeking out investments that align with their personal values. Further to the launch of the Lonsec Sustainability Score, the Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios will utilise Lonsec’s extensive portfolio construction experience, together with detailed sustainable investing (and ESG) research, to provide a solution that genuinely […]

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