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Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios – Q4, 2023

The Sustainable portfolios returned solid absolute returns over the December quarter in the order of 6.4% to 7.8% depending on the risk profile. In a relative sense, all risk profiles comfortably outperformed their respective FE peer group benchmarks, delivering top quartile returns over the quarter. Dynamic asset allocation was a detractor for the quarter. Our […]

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Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios – Q3, 2023

The Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios contributed most to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs): SDG 3 Good Health & Well Being, SDG 7 Affordable & Clean Energy, SDG 8 Decent Work & Economic Growth, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities, and SDG 13 Climate Action. Deanne Baker provides an update on the portfolios’ top […]

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Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios – Q2, 2023

It has been a remarkable turnaround for sustainable portfolios over the last 6 months. Weaker first half financial year performance, has given way to a strong rebound as high quality, profitable, information technology stocks have outperformed the broader market by some margin. The launch of artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT, has created enormous buzz […]

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Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios Update – Q2 2022

We are currently in an environment we haven’t seen since the mid-1990s, of extremely high inflation and low growth, which has surprised many investors and has been damaging for those that have a low tolerance to risk, such as retirees. Despite negative returns, and while we haven’t been able to avoid the losses entirely, the […]

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Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios Update – Q2 2022

It has been a challenging period for multi-asset investors with both equity and bond markets recording some of the worse starts to a year in decades. Global equity markets fell significantly over the quarter and domestically the ASX 300 index has fallen more than 10% since the start of the calendar year. ESG and sustainable […]


Quarterly Update – Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios

We recently reduced the portfolio’s growth position by reducing the Overweight positioning in Australian Equities to Slightly Overweight. The economic shutdowns in Australia, combined with slowing growth out of China, have had a negative impact on a range of domestic indicators resulting in a deterioration in our Australian Equities cyclical signal. Deanne Baker explains the […]

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Quarterly Update – Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios

The Sustainable portfolios remained comfortably ahead of the strategic benchmark and their respective FE Multi-Asset Benchmark Indices during the September quarter. This was despite a market-sell off, concerns around softening global growth, rising inflation and fears of a global financial contagion stemming from the worlds most indebted company, Evergrande Group based in China. Returns from […]


Quarterly Update – Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios

Whilst July and August were positive months for risk assets, September saw a reversal in markets, with slowing global growth. All asset classes were negative in the month of September. However, the Retirement portfolios held up well versus the peer group and internal benchmarks. In terms of total return, the portfolios remain comfortably above its […]

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Tackling Climate Change in the Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios

The recently released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report made for sobering reading. Based on the most up to date, science-based understanding of the climate system and climate change, the report found that it “is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land. “ According to the report, human influence has […]

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