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Lonsec Investment Solutions – February 2021 Reporting Season Insights

In this video, Dan Moradi, Portfolio Manager for Listed Products, provides an update on the Australian equity market following a very interesting reporting season and takes an in-depth look at how various sectors and companies performed. The February reporting season results were better than initially expected, particularly if we look at the middle of last […]

Insights from our CIO – Positioning for recovery

Welcome to 2021! I hope you had relaxing break and found time to reset after a tumultuous year. As we enter 2021 it seems that it’s more of the same. COVID-19, US elections (and inaugurations) and growing tensions between Australia and China continue to dominate the news headlines. Late last year we adjusted our asset […]

Portfolio implementation matters more than you might think

Efficient portfolio implementation is sometimes overlooked as a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than something that adds value to the investment process. This attitude is far less viable today given recent market volatility and product rationalisation, which have made the ability to implement timely portfolio changes essential for advisers and their clients. The market downturn in March prompted […]

Insights from our CIO: The big rotation

The US election has come and gone (almost) and markets have reacted positively to the likelihood of a Democrat President and a Republican Senate, which would be able to moderate Democrat policies such as tax increases on corporations and capital gains. The election result, together with positive developments regarding a vaccine for Covid-19, have seen […]

Insights from our CIO – Buckle up for a wild ride

In recent weeks we’ve seen increased market volatility. The Nasdaq, which represents the leading technology stocks in the US market, has seen a pull back following an incredible rally, and markets seem to be in a range-trading pattern. We all know the saying that when the US market sneezes, the rest of the world catches […]

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