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VIDEO – Lonsec Managed Portfolio Asset Allocation Update

With Lonsec now holding more frequent Asset Allocation Investment Committee meetings, CIO Lukasz de Pourbaix provides an update from his virtual office at home on the outcome of Lonsec’s out-of-cycle meeting held this week. Whilst Lonsec’s overall asset allocation positioning has been the same for some time, the committee members decided this week that this […]

Which consumer sectors will be hit hardest by coronavirus?

Household consumption accounts for 56% of Australia’s GDP, making it the main engine of growth for the economy. When households cut back, the economy suffers, with flow-on effects to business and government in the form of lower sales and taxation revenue. As consumers start making dramatic changes to their daily habits due to the coronavirus, […]

Lonsec Investment Committee Update

Given the extraordinary movements we are all seeing in the market, we have decided to hold more frequent Investment Committee meetings and provide you with regular updates on our thoughts and discussions from a portfolio perspective. Lonsec’s Investment Committees will now meet monthly, with additional meetings held as required, and we will send you a […]

Beware the long tail of coronavirus risk

It has been a turbulent start to the year with Australia beginning the recovery process from the tragic bushfires followed by the threat of a global pandemic with cases of the coronavirus increasing across the globe. Despite these events markets did not flinch in January, with equity markets generating strong returns for the month as […]

What will markets bring in 2020?

Happy New Year and welcome back! It has been a tumultuous time for our country and our thoughts go out to those that have lost homes and loved ones due to the bushfires that have engulfed Australia. Calendar year 2019 saw most asset classes generate very strong returns with many delivering double-digits returns. Australian equities, […]

2019 ends with a ‘mini-cycle’

Markets continued their upward trajectory in November. When you look at the returns across key asset classes over the last 12 months most asset classes have generated double digit returns. Growth assets such as equities and listed real assets generated over 20% for the year ending 30 November, while bonds generated high single digit to […]

Risk on?

In recent years it seems that market sentiment is shifting more rapidly than ever. We saw this earlier this year when the US Federal Reserve flipped on its monetary stance from a tightening stance to a “let’s take pause and see how things pan out” position.  In August we saw the yield curve invert meaning […]

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