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Lonsec (FirstChoice Managed Account Range)

Lonsec has partnered with Colonial First State (CFS) to offer investors a suite of diversified portfolios, aimed at generating growth, that incorporates strategic asset allocation and an active approach to investment selection. Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range) and Lonsec Core Plus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range) leverage Lonsec’s extensive research capabilities and invests only in funds that are rated Recommended or higher.

The portfolios have a 12-year track record of delivering performance consistent with Lonsec’s investment philosophy, having been managed by Lonsec as model portfolios available via CFS. These model portfolios are now available to advisers as managed portfolios via the FirstChoice platform.

The Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range) is allocated to active funds and the Lonsec Core Plus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range) has a core allocation to Index funds.

About Lonsec

Lonsec provides financial advisers, fund managers and superannuation funds with practical, actionable insights that add real value to their investment and advice solutions. Comprising Lonsec Research, SuperRatings and Lonsec Investment Solutions, Lonsec rates over 5000 investment funds and equities and 500 plus superannuation products and is one of Australia’s fastest growing Managed Accounts providers.

Money Management overall Research House of the Year for the last 5 years, Lonsec Research has a team of over 50 that provide insights into the largest range of Managed Funds and Listed Products in the Australian marketplace. This research underpins Lonsec Investment Solutions, a highly experienced group of investment professionals across two separate investment committees and supplemented by external insights and consultants.

For over 12 years the Lonsec Investment Solutions team has been responsible for the specialised model portfolios available on the CFS FirstChoice platform. The results speak for themselves.

Lonsec is excited to offer these portfolios across an expanded range of risk profiles and as an implemented solution.

Lonsec CFS FC portfolios

Hear directly from the Lonsec Investment Solutions Chief Investment Officer, Lukasz de Pourbaix, as he discuss the Lonsec Active and CorePlus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range) in detail and the ongoing support available to financial advisers.

Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Balanced)

Performance figures are for the period ending July 2021

*Performance prior to 1 October 2021 is based on a notional portfolio. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Performance is calculated before taxes and is net of admin fees, investment fees and indirect costs. For full details of fees, please refer to the relevant platform provider. Performance is notional in nature and the actual performance of individual portfolios may differ to the performance of the Managed Portfolios. Totals presented in this report may not sum due to rounding. **Peer Group Benchmark is based on the Financial Express UT Peer Group Multi-Asset Balanced Index.

Lonsec CFS Portfolio Update – May 2022

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Our investment philosophy

Lonsec’s investment research driven approach to portfolio construction, as applied to the CFS portfolios, is underpinned by four key beliefs:

Strategic approach

A strategic approach to portfolio management to achieve investment objectives while managing downside risk.

High quality assets

Investing in high quality investments underpinned by Lonsec’s extensive research.

Risk management

A strong risk management culture supported by a rigorous governance process.


A diversified approach to portfolio construction.

Our portfolio construction process

Lonsec’s investment process combines a strategic approach to asset allocation with investment selection.

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SOA inserts

Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Defensive)
Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Conservative)
Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Moderate)
Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Balanced)
Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Growth)
Lonsec Active (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: High Growth)
Lonsec Core Plus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Defensive)
Lonsec Core Plus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Conservative)
Lonsec Core Plus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Moderate)
Lonsec Core Plus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Balanced)
Lonsec Core Plus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: Growth)
Lonsec Core Plus (FirstChoice Managed Account Range: High Growth)


Lonsec Active

Lonsec Core Plus

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