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The 16th Fund of the Year Awards Dinner


October 2018

Lonsec Symposium


May 2019

Lonsec and Talaria

Retire Partner

Sydney and Melbourne

July 2019

Lonsec Business Updates

Sydney and Melbourne

July 2019

Events Highlights

Video - Lonsec Symposium "The Future Is Now"

Panel Discussion

The aging demographic is driving government policy, which is influencing portfolio construction and product innovation – what does it all mean? Moderated by Brook Sweeney. Speakers Jeremy Cooper (Challenger), Caitriona Wortley (Allianz Retire+), Bill Buttler (SuperRatings), Michael Elsworth (Lonsec Investment Solution) and Richard Dinham (Fidelity).

Audio Podcast - Lonsec and Talaria "Delivering Certainty in Uncertain Times"

Retirement investing presents advisers with a unique set of risks and challenges. How should advisers capitalise on these risks to benefit pre/postretirement clients? Speakers : Veronica Klaus Head of Investment Consulting, Lonsec and Hugh Selby-Smith – Deputy CIO and Head of Research, Talaria.

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