Lonsec Events Highlights

Events Highlights

Navigating Sustainable and ESG investments with your clients

As awareness and demand for Sustainable and ESG investment solutions grow, Advisers need to have the confidence to successfully navigate this conversation with their clients. Investors may still be caught in the mindset that investing in funds that contribute to society means forgoing returns. However, the reality is that, when applied correctly, sustainable investments combined with a solid ESG process can deliver strong returns for your clients.

Join our expert panel as they discuss their approach to Sustainable and ESG investing and give practical tips on how to have these conversations with your clients.

The 18th SuperRatings and Lonsec Fund of the Year Awards

The event was hosted virtually for the first time and was attended by over 750 industry members.

In a year of momentous change and disruption, it is critical that we continue to connect and recognise the outstanding work that funds are doing to provide stability and guidance for their members.

Fidelity and Lonsec Retire webinar: Prudent Growth with Low-Volatility Equity Investing


In order to achieve retirement goals, or meet other investment objectives, many investors need the capital appreciation that equities can provide but are concerned about downside risk. Low-volatility equity investing provides clients with exposure to equity market growth, while also mitigating downside risk. The inclusion of fundamental research insights into a low-volatility investment process provides the additional benefit of forward-looking risk and return estimates.

Lonsec Retire Partner Event - "Forget Normal: Solving the Income Challenge after COVID"

We’re told our COVID-normal world is just around the corner. But make no mistake, we will be living with the effects of unprecedented fiscal and monetary policy for years and likely decades to come.

Investors must be prepared to think differently about how they generate income, manage risk, and deal with volatility in their portfolio. Nothing can be taken for granted, not even a clear US election result.

Lonsec and our retire partners AllianceBernsteinIML and Talaria discussed what this post-Covid world will look like and how you can adapt.

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