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Lonsec Managed Portfolios Quarterly Update – Q1, 2024

In this quarterly webinar, host Marc Hraiki is joined by Nathan Lim for a market update and outlook from the CIO’s Office, as well as a summary of changes to asset allocation. ​​Deputy CIO Deanne Baker also provides performance and positioning updates on the Lonsec Multi Asset, Lonsec Retirement and Lonsec Sustainable Managed Portfolios, while […]

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Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios – Q3, 2023

With equity and bond markets both retracing for the quarter, the Lonsec Multi-Asset portfolios delivered negative absolute returns, however they delivered strong relative performance, outperforming the peer group over the quarter and for the 12 months to September. Our focus on quality investments and diversification supported portfolio performance as volatility returned to markets. Deanne Baker explains how the […]

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Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios – Q3, 2023

The Retirement portfolios maintain a slight defensive bias. The business cycle is entering a more challenging period, with tighter financial conditions and softening consumer trends presenting headwinds for growth assets in particular. We have been increasing duration within the portfolio. Deanne Baker explains how the Retirement portfolios performed over the September quarter. The information in this […]

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Lonsec Retirement Managed Portfolios – Q2, 2023

The Retirement portfolios’ 12-month performance remains first quartile, and above the peer group benchmark with the embedded risk control in the portfolio protecting retirees from the worst of the year’s volatility. The structural overweight to Australian equities (to capture the benefits of franking credits) detracted this month as domestic equities were unable to keep pace […]

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Lonsec Multi-Asset Managed Portfolios – Q2, 2023

Over the 12 months to June 30, the portfolios delivered solid absolute returns. This very respectable result masked significant intra-year volatility. The 2023 financial year was characterised by raging inflation, the most aggressive rate rises in history, the re-pricing of all major asset classes, significant shifts in style from growth to value (and back again), […]


Insights from our CIO: Cloudy skies and left tails

Inflation is likely to ease substantially in the coming months as base effects roll off and tighter credit conditions hit consumption and aggregate demand. Services inflation, rent rises and wage pressures however persist, meaning inflation could remain sticky and above central bank target ranges for some time. Financial conditions are therefore likely to remain tight […]

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