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April 2022 – CIO Market Update and Portfolio Implications

In this video, Lukasz de Pourbaix, Executive Director and CIO of Lonsec Investment Solutions provides an update on our macroeconomic views following Lonsec’s quarterly Asset Allocation Investment Committee meeting. A key topic of discussion was inflation. The rise we’ve seen over the recent years has now been amplified by the current situation in Russia and Ukraine and […]


The winds of change are coming

Years of accommodative monetary policy combined with ample liquidity from central banks, remnants of the global financial crisis of 2008, may be coming to a gradual end. We are arguably entering a transition period in the economic environment from one of low inflation, low interest rates backed by unconventional monetary policy (quantitative easing), to one […]

Are we in the midst of a new cold war era?

After several weeks of diplomatic tensions, over the last few days the word has watched in shock as Russia invades Ukraine. By way of background, the Ukraine was part of the former Soviet Union and gained independence from the USSR in 1991 following the gradual collapse of communism in central and eastern Europe in 1989. […]

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Market & Portfolio Update: Volatility and Market Uncertainty

Volatility and market uncertainty is increasing as markets react to news about interest rate rises. We asked Chief Investment Officer, Lukasz de Pourbaix, to give us an update on whether the current market situation has impacted Lonsec’s dynamic asset allocation views and whether any changes will be made to the Lonsec portfolios’ positions. Lukasz explains […]


2022 starts with a bang

I hope everyone had the opportunity to have a restful break. Markets have kicked of 2022 with a bang. Inflation is on everyone’s lips and we saw markets gyrate widely ahead of the US Federal Reserve’s meeting in January. What is certain is that markets do not like uncertainly and in this instance the market […]

Q4 2021 Market Overview Positioning Update

Inflation continues to dominate the discussion. Most of us agree that interest rates will go up at some point from their record lows. The question is by how much and when.  Chief Investment Officer, Lukasz de Pourbaix, provides an update on the outcomes and key discussion points from Lonsec’s latest quarterly Asset Allocation investment committee […]

Insights from our CIO – Inflation: Structural or not?

Inflation continues to be on everyone’s lips. The debate as to whether inflation is transitory or structural in nature is gaining momentum as the US recorded an annual rate of inflation of 6.2%, the highest rate in three decades. What is interesting is that we are observing a growing divergence between what is driving inflation […]

Insights from our CIO – Q3 2021 Market Overview Positioning Update

Chief Investment Officer, Lukasz de Pourbaix, provides an update on the outcomes of Lonsec’s latest quarterly investment committee and current Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) views. At the September meeting Lonsec made a change to the DAA positions and reduced our Overweight position in Australian Equities to a Slight Overweight position, whilst increasing our exposure to […]

Insights from our CIO: Feel the heat

August was another strong month for equity markets however some storm clouds have reappeared amidst the collapse of Evergrande, one of China’s biggest property developers, as the Chinese government sought to stem excessive borrowing leaving the heavily indebted company with over $400B in debt. The main concern is that the collapse may have a flow […]

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