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Fixed Income and TD’s – How advisers can think about client portfolios

Marc Hraiki, Executive Director of Sales and Service, chats with Ron Mehmet, Portfolio Manager – Tailored Investment Solutions, about term deposits, bonds and how advisers can use them in their clients’ portfolios. Important Notice: This document is published by Lonsec Investment Solutions Pty Ltd (LIS) ACN: 608 837 583, a corporate authorised representative (CAR number: 1236821) […]


A (corporate) bond renaissance

After a decade of record-low bond yields, fixed income has been making a comeback this year. In Australia, when advisers and investors think of fixed income, they mostly think of term deposits and government bonds, but corporate bonds also make up a significant portion of the global bond market. The global bond market is massive […]

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Why do we have Fixed Income as part of your broader portfolios?

Fixed Income is added to a broad portfolio of assets for several reasons. They include: Return: Frequent income from the cash flows of the coupon or interest payments to stabilise the risk and return of your client’s portfolio. Defensive: Capital Preservation. The relatively steady return of capital of fixed-income products (unless there is a credit […]


Why the recent movement in the yield curve matters

The yield curve shows how yields for bonds of the same credit rating, typically government bonds, differ based on maturity date. It sounds simple and yet from this curve one can glean insights into market expectations of inflation, economic growth, and future central bank policy. As such, those who follow fixed income markets pay close […]

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