Our investment committees

Lonsec believes that a strong governance framework is critical in making effective portfolio decisions. Having an investment committee process governed by an investment committee charter and comprised of experienced investment professionals with diverse areas of expertise, reflects best practice in portfolio construction decision making.

Asset Allocation Investment Committee

The Asset Allocation Investment Committee is responsible for the provision of our dynamic and strategic asset allocation recommendations.

CIO of Lonsec Investment SolutionsChairman
Head of Investment ConsultingPortfolio construction
Director of ResearchEquities
Head of Fixed Income ResearchFixed Income
Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset ProductsStrategic and dynamic
asset allocation
Portfolio Manager, Listed ProductsEquities
External expertMacro-economics
External expertMacro strategy and asset allocation

External experts

Having input from external experts into an investment committee encourages diversity of views and brings additional expertise to the investment committee framework. Lonsec has two external experts within our investment committee process.

Manager Selection Investment Committee

Lonsec’s Manager Selection Investment Committee approves all fund manager allocation decisions. The Committee is made up of managed fund experts from across the Lonsec Group and is responsible for setting the objectives, strategy and rules for each model portfolio, monitoring performance and approving any manager changes to the model portfolios.

Head of Investment ConsultingChair
CIO of Lonsec Investment SolutionsPortfolio construction and manager selection
Director of ResearchManager selection
Head of Fixed Income ResearchManager selection
Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset ProductsPortfolio construction and manager selection
Portfolio Manager, Listed ProductsPortfolio construction and manager selection
Senior Investment ConsultantsPortfolio construction and manager selection

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