The Lonsec tailored partnership

Lonsec partners with innovative advice businesses of all sizes, looking to grow and scale up, by working with you to deliver a unique investment experience via our Tailored Investment Solutions. Advice firms choosing to collaborate with Lonsec gain access to a trusted partner who will truly co-design a solution for your business and your clients.

Why partner with Lonsec?

Choose Lonsec as your partner and experience the benefits of a consultative approach, trusted expertise, and a solid foundation for your business’s growth and success.

Expert Consultation

Gain exclusive access to our experienced Tailored Investment Solutions teams with over 20 years of proven success and establish a direct line of contact with Lonsec’s Tailored Portfolio Managers. Additionally, leverage a comprehensive suite of tools, featuring a custom branded portal, tailored communication programs, and a full range of business and client communications.

Established Reputation

Take advantage of the esteemed Lonsec brand while maintaining your distinct identity in the market. This allows you to tap into the credibility and recognition of Lonsec, enhancing your market presence.

Award-winning Insights

Benefit from Lonsec’s award-winning investment research and high conviction insights. These invaluable resources can give your business an edge, helping you make informed investment decisions.

Personalised Investment Solutions

Maximise your business potential by leveraging our ground-up customisation capabilities to align with your specific business requirements. This enables you to provide highly personalised investment solutions to your clients, enhancing their satisfaction while streamlining your operations for greater efficiency and increased profitability.

Long-Term Stability

Partnering with Lonsec means being backed by the enduring strength of the Lonsec Group. With a three-decade legacy of profitability and sustainability, we are committed to supporting you for another 30 years and beyond.

Robust Governance and Risk Management

Lonsec stands out with its comprehensive governance and risk management framework. We boast 18 investment committee members, including 5 independent experts, spread across 5 specialised committees. Our commitment to sound governance practices is your assurance of a secure and well-managed investment environment.

The Lonsec Tailored Investment Solutions approach

Partnering with Lonsec to deliver a tailored investment solution allows advice businesses to gain access to the depth and breadth of the largest investment research and ratings house in Australia, whilst also providing you with a deeply personalised service and a genuinely consultative approach. Our highly experienced and specialised Tailored Investment Solutions team is agile, nimble and can easily adapt and grow with the evolving needs of your changing advice business in a true partnership of building with you, not for you.

Our unique process

Lonsec has a broad and diverse range of managed account solutions.

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