Why managed accounts?

Managed accounts offer a scalable investment solution that allows financial advisers to focus on providing holistic, goals-based advice while outsourcing the day-to-day portfolio management to experienced investment professionals. That’s why managed accounts have rapidly become a core feature of the advice industry.

How managed accounts enhance the advice value proposition

Managed accounts have become a popular way for financial advisers to scale their investment solutions and achieve greater efficiency and regulatory compliance.

But advisers are also starting to realise how powerful managed accounts are in transforming client conversations and giving them a greater stake in the advice process. Managed accounts have shifted advice from a time-intensive, admin-dominated business to one focused on objectives, client education and communication.

By outsourcing the investment side of advice to a professional portfolio manager, advisers can demonstrate their commitment to an objectives-based approach that avoids conflicts of interest, draws on a wide range of quality investment products, and incorporates high-conviction ideas.

How managed accounts benefit the client

Professional expertise

Investment professionals manage and monitor the portfolios on your client’s behalf in line with the portfolio’s mandate.


Efficient implementation of investment decisions that capture market opportunities as they arise.


Ability to view the underlying assets and track performance of holdings, increasing client engagement with their portfolios.

Ownership of underlying assets

As the beneficial owner of the shares, dividends and franking credits are paid directly to their account.


The client won’t trigger a capital gains event when transferred into or out of a managed account structure.

Improved financial literacy

By having a direct view of their portfolio, clients can gain a better understanding of core investing concepts like diversification.

How managed accounts benefit the adviser

Greater efficiency

Reduce time associated with portfolio implementation, creating more time to work on your business or growing your client base.

Best interest duty

Avoid potential conflicts of interest and support your best interest duty by providing investment solutions managed by external parties.

Stronger client relationships

Less paperwork and administration creating more time to focus on strategic advice and enhancing the value of your financial advice offering.

Improved risk management

Your client’s portfolio is underpinned by a professional investment process and remains within the required risk management obligations.

Lower costs

The significant reduction in compliance and reporting means advice businesses can reduce admin overhead.

Deeper client conversations

Reporting and communications from the portfolio manager can be used to show how the client’s objectives are being met.

Tailored managed accounts

You can leverage our experience in portfolio construction and managed account structures to develop your own managed account solutions. Under this service Lonsec Investment Solutions acts as your outsourced model manager responsible for managing your portfolio tailored to your requirements.

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Important information: Any express or implied rating or advice is limited to general advice, it doesn’t consider any personal needs, goals or objectives.  Before making any decision about financial products, consider whether it is personally appropriate for you in light of your personal circumstances. Obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for each financial product and seek professional personal advice before making any decisions regarding a financial product.