Lonsec Symposium 2024

Prospering in Volatile Times

Thursday, 02 May 2024

08.45 AM – 04.00 PM

The Fullerton Hotel, Sydney


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Discover the keys to helping you and your clients prosper in volatile times at Lonsec Symposium 2024.

Lonsec Symposium 2024 brings together industry leaders to help you traverse an ever-changing business terrain by providing meaningful insights and solutions for your practices and clients. We will cover a range of topics such as AI, navigating the current geopolitical landscape, net zero, and reasons for incorporating alternatives and infrastructure into investment portfolios.

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  • Welcome and Housekeeping


    • Nathan Lim, CIO & Executive Director, Lonsec Investment Solutions
    • Nina Stevens, MC
  • Sailing Through the Storm: Navigating the Macro and Surviving the Geopolitical


    • Nathan Lim, CIO & Executive Director, Lonsec Investment Solutions
    • Lydia Khalil, Research Fellow, Lowy Institute
    • Daniel Ivascyn, Group CIO, PIMCO

    Read PIMCO’s ‘Cyclical Outlook’ on the global investment landscape

    Click here for session synopsis

    Step into the captivating world of macroeconomics, where we’ll discuss the latest insights into Central Banks’ pathways and the elusive concept of a soft landing, all while navigating the complex web of geopolitical risks. Get ready to uncover the exciting implications for markets and investment strategies as we arm advisers with deep insights into the implications behind the headlines.

  • Have Developed Markets Peaked, and is Now the Time for Emerging Markets and SMID Caps to Prosper?


    • Richard Pzena, Founder & CIO, Pzena Investment Management
    • Nick Cregan, Partner & Portfolio Manager, Fairlight Asset Management
    • Edward Evans, Portfolio Manager, Ashmore Investment Management
    • Hong Hon, Manager, Global Equities, Lonsec Research
    • Nick Ward, Portfolio Manager, Lonsec Investment Solutions

    Hear insights from Fairlight Asset Management partner and portfolio manager, Nicholas Cregan

    Click here for session synopsis

    Global equities rebounded in 2023 from the worst annual performance since the Global Financial Crisis. The strong performance, however, masked an underlying trend that global equities indices are becoming increasingly concentrated, and returns are becoming increasingly driven by Developed Markets Large Caps stocks, which have seen Emerging Markets and SMID Caps indices materially underperform. In fact, during 2023 there was a 14 and nine percentage point difference between the returns of the MSCI World Index, and the Emerging Markets and SMID Caps indices respectively, and by year-end the so-called ‘Magnificent Seven’ made up 20% of the index – with Apple and Microsoft making up almost 10%! During this session, our panellists will highlight the risks and opportunities in their respective sectors, and provide their views on how investors should be positioned to prosper during these volatile times.

  • Morning Tea


  • Leveraging Fixed Income Opportunities and Protection in Times of Uncertainty


    • Amy Xie Patrick, Head of Income Strategies, Pendal
    • Myles Bradshaw, Head of Global Aggregate Bonds, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    • Isrin Khor, Manager, Fixed Income, Lonsec Research
    • Ron Mehmet, Portfolio Manager, Lonsec Investment Solutions

    Read insights on global fixed income from J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    Download global fixed income insights here

    Read Amy Xie Patrick’s commentary on bonds

    Read Amy’s commentary on debt

    Click here for session synopsis

    Over the past two years, we have witnessed heightened volatility in the fixed income market. 2022 has proven to be one of the most challenging years on record for fixed income investors amid central banks’ aggressive rate hikes to curb inflation. This was followed by a strong recovery towards the end of 2023 as the US Federal Reserve paused on interest rate hikes and signalled potential rate cuts in 2024.

    Looking ahead to 2024, bond market volatility is expected to persist driven by ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainty. The trajectory of monetary policies and economic growth will remain pivotal in influencing bond prices. While central banks appear largely done with raising interest rates, rates are likely to remain higher for longer due to persistent inflationary pressures stemming from structural factors such as deglobalisation, diminished labour force participation rates, and escalating energy prices. Despite the market consensus of a mild economic slowdown, there is a potential risk of a more pronounced economic slowdown resulting from the delayed impact of policy tightening.

    Volatility typically brings greater performance dispersion across the fixed income spectrum encompassing sovereign bonds, investment grade credit, high yield bonds and securitised assets. Against this backdrop, the diverse fixed income markets may present an array of opportunities with the potential to weather the portfolio in different economic scenarios. Our panel of fixed income experts will provide valuable insights on navigating the bond market volatility.

  • Net Zero in the Real World


    • Tony Adams, Head of Sustainable Investment Research, Lonsec Research
    • Will Baylis, Portfolio Manager, Martin Currie
    • Damien Nicks, Managing Director & CEO, AGL
    • David Moffatt, Chairman, Ventia
    • Warren Flentje, Industrial Decarbonisation Lead, CSIRO Towards Net Zero Mission

    Read Martin Currie Australia’s “Spotlight on Net Zero in the Real World”

    Read commentary around net zero from our speakers, via Martin Currie Australia

    Read Ventia’s 2023 Annual Report

    Click here for session synopsis

    Net Zero Emissions in The Real World is a central challenge for stakeholders who are involved in the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

    Join Portfolio Manager, Will Baylis of Martin Currie Australia, a Franklin Templeton company, at the Lonsec Symposium this May, for a compelling panel discussion alongside representatives from select ASX 200 Listed Companies. This session will delve into the actionable strategies and collaborative efforts needed to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources effectively.

    The panel will explore the role of transition fuels, carbon offsets, and the importance of innovation in project delivery and infrastructure, while highlighting the significance of community engagement and obtaining a social license to operate. This discussion aims to realign our expectations on the achievability of net zero carbon emissions and underscore the urgency of immediate action to mitigate future consequences.

  • Lunch


  • It’s Time for Alternatives to Enter the Mainstream


    • Adrian MacKenzie, Founder & Partner, Five V Capital
    • Andrew Harrex, Managing Director Australia & NZ, P/E Investments
    • Naomi Finnigan, Head of Investment Solutions, Netwealth 
    • Darrell Clark, Deputy Head of Research & Manager, Alternatives, Lonsec Research
    • Deanne Baker, Deputy CIO & Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset, Lonsec Investment Solutions

    Hear insights from Five V Capital managing director, Chris Adams

    Read insights from P/E Investments around measuring portfolio risk

    Read about P/E Investments’ solution to highly correlated assets

    Click here for session synopsis

    For most of the recent past, asset allocators have been able to rely on equities and bonds to deliver relatively good returns with low risk, and further the negative correlation between equities and bonds as a primary source of diversification. With higher interest rates, ongoing geopolitical risks, and volatility and dispersion returning to markets, alternatives are becoming a more essential allocation to build portfolio resiliency.

    That all said, alternatives have had a challenging period for much of the post GFC period with liquid alternatives struggling in the low interest rate, low vol environment. On the other hand, private assets, which have been the mainstay of institutional investors but are now being democratised for retail investors, have generally performed strong. What is the role of alternatives in portfolios, is there a place for both liquid alternatives and private assets, does the complementary risk and liquidity characteristics of liquid alternatives and private assets may make for a balanced and outcome oriented alternatives allocation.

    Is it time for alternatives to enter the mainstream?

  • Infrastructure Investment Dynamics: Navigating New Frontiers and Emerging Realities


    • Vicki Rigg, Managing Director, Palisade Investment Partners
    • David McGregor, Partner, ATLAS Infrastructure
    • Michael Elsworth, Manager, Global Real Assets, Lonsec Research
    • Peter Green, Director of Research, Lonsec Research

    Hear insights from Palisade Investment Partners executive director, Andrew Killesteyn

    Read listed infrastructure risk and return analysis from ATLAS Infrastructure

    Click here for session synopsis

    This session is tailored for financial advisers seeking clarity on the evolving landscape of infrastructure investment. Delving into critical debates, it will explore the definition of infrastructure assets in today’s market, including emerging sectors like data centres and green energy. The discussion will also address whether infrastructure warrants its own category or belongs within REITs, alongside considerations of benchmarking, valuation methodologies, and the balance between listed and unlisted exposure. With a focus on navigating liquidity challenges and assessing ESG considerations, attendees will gain insights into optimising infrastructure allocations in a higher-for-longer environment while effectively managing emerging risks such as climate change.

  • Advisers Under the Spotlight


    • Michael Wright, CEO, Lonsec Group
    • Sue Viskovic, Founder & Managing Director, Elixir Consulting
    • BlackRock (panelist to be announced)
  • Portfolio Construction: The journey from an idea to a position

    2.55 PM

    • Veronica Klaus, Head of Investment Consulting
    • Chris Robertson, Portfolio Manager – IPL, LIS Retail Managed Account Solutions

    Click here for session synopsis

    In this Q & A session, we delve into Lonsec’s investment process, exploring the journey from idea generation to portfolio implementation. Investment ideas can originate internally from the investment team or externally from industry reports and expert insights. Once identified, potential ideas undergo thorough analysis, scrutinizing market dynamics, relative valuations and macroeconomic factors.

    Decision-making involves collaborative evaluation, weighing risks and returns against portfolio strategy. Implementation requires careful execution, adjusting allocations or hedging as necessary. Lonsec emphasizes the integration of qualitative judgment and quantitative analysis, recognizing that balancing the art and science of investment management as essential for successful outcomes.

  • Charting the AI Landscape: Seizing Opportunities and Implications for Advisers


    • Nick Griffin, Founding Partner & CIO, Munro Partners
    • Rebecca Engel, Director of Financial Services Industry, Microsoft
    • Greg Hansen, Executive, Group Strategy, HUB24
    • Lorraine Robinson, Executive Director, Lonsec Research

    Click here for session synopsis

    The financial services industry is at a tipping point. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept, it’s a transformative force with the potential to reshape traditional businesses and unlock unprecedented opportunities. This session transcends the headlines, delving into both the practical applications of AI in today’s dynamic financial services market and how investors can best seek to exploit the opportunities on offer.

  • Closing Remarks

  • Networking Opportunity


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