Know exactly how your fund performs

When it comes to measuring your fund’s performance, Net Benefit is what you and your members should be focused on. Net Benefit, earnings after all fees and taxes, is the best reflection of how much value a fund has delivered to its members.

Our Net Benefit Tool uses historical PDS Fees and Performance to simulate a member’s journey over time.

The Net Benefit Comparison Tool allows you to analyse and compare net benefit outcomes across 6,000 investment options tracked by SuperRatings, covering all major MySuper and choice products.

How your fund can benefit from the Net Benefit Comparison Tool

Access high quality data and insights with an intuitive, user friendly interface. The Net Benefit tool provides flexibility for the following areas:

Historical periods

Account balances


Competitor funds

Performance data

Visualise your fund’s success with powerful charting tools

Intuitive performance comparisons
to showcase the strength of your fund

The Net Benefit Comparison Tool allows you to showcase your performance by comparing against competitors in the market.

Leverage an unprecedented wealth of data

Draw on the depth and breadth of SuperRatings data, updated quarterly for continued relevance.

Benchmark with precision

Benchmark against industry competitors and provide input into your member outcomes assessments with the most up-to-date and consistent data.

Ongoing support

Methodology, data, definitions, assumptions and ongoing training is provided.

Build a compelling story for members and employers

This tool can be used by different teams within your fund.
  • Financial Advisers

    Intra-fund advice

  • Product and Investment Teams

    Product development, benchmarking and enhancement

    Product and Investment Teams

  • Employer Servicing Teams

    Policy Committees & tenders

  • Marketing Teams

    Promotional material

    Marketing Teams

  • Executive Teams

    Strategic initiatives including M&A’s


“The SuperRatings Net Benefit Comparison Tool has been created and backed by independent experts. It is the most powerful story superannuation has to explain its long term benefits to members. A simple to use tool, with detailed data output to enable indepth comparisons.”


In a market where its imperative to provide cost effective solutions to members, the Net Benefit tool provides a way to review our fees against main key super funds in the market. It provides the Fund the ability to make informed decisions for member outcomes which can be incorporated to our business plan. Its an effective tool for Australian Ethical to develop appropriate member outcomes to make ethical investing as accessible as possible for all Australians.

Australian Ethical

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