What is your margin of comfort against the YFYS performance test? Validating your position against this important metric is vital

With the expansion of the YFYS Performance Test to Trustee Directed Products in June 2022, it is vital that you have an indication of how your investment options may perform and where they sit in the wider market.

Our Performance Test iQ tool provides a holistic view of the market and enables you to see your estimated margin of comfort against the Performance Test, as well as where you sit against peers.

Simply provide us with the same data you submit to APRA, using their format and we can provide analysis of your performance, allowing you to obtain the insights you need quickly and easily.

How PTiQ can benefit your fund

Margin of comfort

Indicative margin of comfort against the YFYS test, for both Returns and Fees quarterly.

External validation

External, arms-length validation of your team’s analysis to support your messaging to key stakeholders.

Market view

Holistic market view to allow for benchmarking of performance against your Super Fund peers.


Conveniently uses your APRA forms as supplied to the regulator. Simply forward us your already prepared APRA reporting and we will do the rest.

Stakeholder reporting

Supports reporting and insights to your Executive Team and Trustee Board around your position.

Ease of use

Easy to review and update inputsensuring you can see the impact of changes quickly and easily.

How PTiQ can provide insights

Holistic market view to allow for benchmarking of performance against your Super Fund peers.

Our Performance Test iQ tool delivers an indicative margin of comfort against the Performance Test benchmark to validate your Investment Team’s approach towards strategic and actual asset allocation.

Using the Performance Test iQ tool can provide clarity around what action you could take to improve your margin of comfort. We update our calculations quarterly, with more frequent analysis available on request.

Using Performance Test iQ

PTiQ is an interactive module within SMART2, that gives you analysis across performance and fees to provide an estimate of your margin of comfort against the Performance Test and peer group.

An intuitive interface allows you to quickly focus on the Performance Test outcomes of interest via our SMART dashboard, which can cover all of your accumulation options and key competitors.

Get in touch to schedule a demonstration of the PTiQ tool and how it can support your fund to successfully navigate the Performance Test.

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