Vital competitor insights to place you ahead of the curve

In a rapidly changing market, SuperRatings provides relevant market insights and fund specific research in its leading Super & Pension Benchmark Reports.

Our Benchmark Reports help superannuation funds validate their position in the market and make informed strategic decisions based on our detailed competitor analysis.

Find out where your fund sits, identify new opportunities, trends and threats to help your fund stay ahead of the curve, attract and retain employers and members and survive over the long term.

Why should your fund obtain a Super & Pension Benchmark Report?

1.  Find out where your fund sits in the market

2. Obtain insights to assist in staying ahead of key competitors

3. Support and insights to truly validate your position in the marketplace

4. Utilise report results for marketing, product & strategic planning purposes

5. Access the most comprehensive super product data and insights available

6. Independent monitoring of service providers by industry experts

7. High-conviction, actionable insights that add real value to your fund

8. A must-have industry report

What’s included in the Super & Pension Benchmark Report?

The Super and Pension Benchmark Reports are two separate reports that are produced on an annual basis

Super: Comprehensive 300 page hardcover and PDF report

Pension: Comprehensive 120 page hardcover and PDF report

Complete analysis on your position around the 6 key selection areas: Investment, fees, insurance, member servicing. administration & governance

Delivered via an in person or virtual meeting with your executive team

Key assessment areas

Super Benchmark Report

  • Investment

  • Fees and Charges

  • Insurance

  • Member Servicing

  • Administration

  • Governance

Pension Benchmark Report

  • Investment

  • Fees and Charges

  • Product Flexibility

  • Member Servicing

  • Administration

  • Governance

Growth Metrics

Despite the significant growth in net assets over recent years, account numbers have been falling and operating expenses continue to rise.

Understanding the fund’s Revenue and Expense settings is more important than ever to ensure pricing is not only appropriate, but sustainable.

Funds face the real risk of rising fees in a market where the regulatory settings are intent on driving down fees for members.

Benchmarking is the ideal solution to unpack your position against these metrics, supported by our actionable insights on threats and opportunities.

Important information: Any express or implied rating or advice is limited to general advice, it doesn’t consider any personal needs, goals or objectives.  Before making any decision about financial products, consider whether it is personally appropriate for you in light of your personal circumstances. Obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for each financial product and seek professional personal advice before making any decisions regarding a financial product.