Unlock value for your members

We help clients understand what drives their value, which areas offer the best growth potential and how financial product offerings can be optimised across different segments. With superior analysis and advice, supported by a vast array of industry data, we are well placed to help funds and employers navigate the complexities of our industry. Our market views are regularly sought by funds, service providers, key industry stakeholders and employers.

Consulting Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Analysis of key cashflow and growth metrics under merged conditions
  • Benchmarking and assessment of each fund’s ‘net benefit to member’
  • Analysis of operating costs, including per member costs and business sustainability
  • Review of each fund’s investments, fees, insurance, member servicing and governance

Insurance Benchmarking

& Tender Management

  • Full assessment of the product design relative to market innovation
  • Utilisation of SuperRatings’ close relationships with insurers to facilitate tender process
  • Management of end-to-end selection of insurance providers
  • Review of insurance management frameworks and transition
  • Vendor appraisals and tender management

Member Outcomes Assessments

  • Design assessment frameworks
  • Determine comparable choice products
  • Supply data for assessment
  • Review data & methodologies
  • Determine peer groups and cohorts

Corporate Benchmarking

& Tender Management

  • Identifying what is important to companies in a corporate superannuation fund
  • Market insights including navigating the current regulatory environment and the Royal Commission
  • Benchmarking existing superannuation provider against available funds in the industry
  • Market tender & transition management including contract negotiations

Product Reviews

  • Full review of financial product offerings and lifecycle approaches
  • Evaluation of default superannuation fund arrangements
  • Benchmarking of fund offerings against key competitors and best practice
  • Optimisation of financial product and service offerings

Strategic Advice

  • Market analytics and fund benchmarking
  • Full business case support for investment and business proposals
  • Identification of merger opportunities across the wealth management industry
  • Merged fund analytics, platform assessment and provider due diligence

Fund Modelling

  • Projections of net benefit outcomes, CPI objectives, fees and insurance
  • Modelling across member segments, incorporating different variables
  • Optimisation of investment strategies to assist in targeting specific member segments
  • Achieving a fully funded vested benefit index

Superior industry experience

We provide an extensive range of services to industry funds, retail master trusts, corporate and public sector funds, regulatory bodies and employer groups. With our team of highly experienced consultants, we provide targeted, actionable advice backed by the best industry research and intelligence available.

Important information: Any express or implied rating or advice is limited to general advice, it doesn’t consider any personal needs, goals or objectives.  Before making any decision about financial products, consider whether it is personally appropriate for you in light of your personal circumstances. Obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for each financial product and seek professional personal advice before making any decisions regarding a financial product.