Implement high-quality SMA solutions

Lonsec’s SMA portfolios allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the SMA structure while accessing professional portfolio construction expertise. Enhance the value of your financial advice offering with direct equity solutions based on our extensive ASX 200 share research and specialised equity rating models.

Our SMA portfolios

Lonsec SMA – Core

The Core SMA invests in a concentrated portfolio of quality Australian companies. The portfolio is suitable for investors seeking capital growth with income potential over the medium to long term.

Lonsec SMA – Income

The Income SMA aims to deliver an above-benchmark, tax-effective income stream and reasonable capital growth over the medium to long term by investing in a concentrated portfolio of large-cap Australian listed companies. Suitable for investors seeking above benchmark income stream and capital growth in-line with inflation.

Our investment philosophy

Lonsec combines a dynamic approach to asset allocation with active investment selection. To be eligible for portfolio inclusion, fund managers must meet Lonsec’s minimum quality criteria, which includes funds rated Recommended or higher by Lonsec’s investment research team.

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