It has been a busy start to 2023 for the industry, with regulatory change ongoing and the need to have the right frameworks to assess member outcomes over time more important than ever.

In this edition, we provide an update on SuperRatings’ annual review and research themes for the industry.

What are the pressures facing funds and who is harnessing their scale?

In meeting with funds across the industry, we saw a number of key themes emanating from our reviews. This video outlines some key findings including:

  1. Despite significant investment, funds are still struggling to define their value proposition.
  2. The correlation between net asset growth and operating expense growth is broken.
  3. Competition is heating up between funds, with a strong focus needed on how well funds are harnessing their scale.

Funds of all shapes and sizes face challenges and opportunities. In the current landscape, tracking and managing them is more crucial than ever.


Kirby Rappell, Executive Director, SuperRatings

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