Can lifecycle MySuper products deliver on their promise of a lower risk position at retirement coupled with competitive returns over a member’s lifetime? Find out how we compare the universe of MySuper products irrespective of whether they follow a lifecycle or single-default strategy.

Bill Buttler, Senior Manager, Consulting

Camille Schmidt, Market Insights Manager, SuperRatings

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‘Making Sense of MySuper Investment Options’


Can lifecycle MySuper options really deliver a Magic Pudding or is it all just pie in the sky?

Experience working with members and employers suggests a real lack of understanding of the difference in approach between a lifecycle product and the alternative ‘single strategy’ product type. Yet in a future environment where legislation such as Your Future, Your Super is designed to encourage members to compare performance and determine whether they should potentially change funds, it is fundamental that members should understand and be able to compare the two product types. Particularly, since 37% of the 75 MySuper products registered with APRA as at 31 March 2022 were designated as ‘lifecycle’ products.

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